Mehran Motor Sales Limited is a certified used car dealership, located at, St. Catherine, and has started operation in the early part of 2019 where we have provided quite a number of cars to our valued customers.


Mehran Motor Sales seeks to act as a point of local confidence where customers interested in importing vehicles might feel safe to use our services to acquire their vehicle of choice from overseas without fear of fraud.


Mehran Motor Sales team will be a household name both in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean when purchasing brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda as well as your favourite brands BMW and Mercedes Benz.


At the moment we are relatively small with a big mandate to provide excellent services to our valued customers.


Quality Cars

Great Savings & Competitive Prices

First Class Customer Service

Amazing Customer Service & Advise

Mehran Motors made the process very simple and straight forward, helped me to find the best deal and provided sound advice that helped me to avoid many mistakes.